Professional Logo Design

How can QPP help me with professional logo design?

Need a logo for your business, team, club, or organization?  Our graphic designers are the best in the business and can work with you to create the perfect professional logo for your needs.

Professional logo design is much more than just creating a fancy drawing that looks nice.   It takes more than just a good artist to get the job done correctly.  Issues of color, color layering, hard lines versus soft lines, etc... all combine together to ensure the professional logo not only looks good, but is workable and appropriate for a variety of media.  Eventually you'll want to use your logo as a web graphic, as a letter head on correspondence, in a sign, or, as branding on a multitude of promotional products, apparel items, and advertising material.   Plan for this up front and get the job done right the first time!

Perhaps you already have a logo but are finding that it's not very flexible or useable on a variety of media.  We can take your current logo and develop a professional package that contains key file formats and logo elements while retaining the overall look of your current logo.

If you are starting from scratch, let us take your great concept or idea and turn it into a professional logo package!   Brand identity is a powerful tool and it works!  A properly constructed professional logo package will save you time and money in the long run.  A professional approach to color selection and design will ensure your logo looks great on a maximum number of backgrounds and products.  We will also ensure your finished professional logo will work well with a maximum number of industry branding and labeling processes including embroidery, screen printing, engraving, and standard printing.

Getting the job done right takes time and you'll want to ensure the company or individual you work with is creating something unique for you from scratch.   If you see packages offered for under $100.00, you can bet these logos are being created using templates, a logo package, or worse, from pieces and concepts garnered from other businesses found on the web.   Get the job done right by using a provider you can trust.   Simply stated, our job is not done until you are 100% satisfied.

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