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How to use our Promo Items and Apparel Catalogs!

The Quality Promos Plus promotional products and promtional apparel web store contains our most popular personalized promotional gifts and products most often ordered by our customers.  That said, there are literally hundreds of thousands of products and apparel items suitable for the addition of an imprint, embroidery, or other customization.  Rather than maintain this ever changing universe of products in our main store, we also make use of online catalogs provided to us by our manufacturers and major distributors.  Though you cannot order products directly from these promo items catalogs, simply request a quotation or information on the products you are intested in as shown below and we will respond quickly!

How do I Request Information, Order Products, or Request a Quote?

It's easy!  Click Here To Request a Quote or Info

How does our Catalogs and Catalog Pricing Work?

The prices listed in our online catalogs represent standard list pricing for an item with any setup charges and other fees that may apply.  These list prices server as a general guideline, but in virtually all cases you will pay less!  We are committed to offering these personalized promotional gifts & products at or below any price on the net.  At QPP we always try to give our customers the best possible pricing.

All Catalog Products may be purchased without embellishment.

Where minimum quantities are stated, we can generally allow purchases of half the minimum quantity.

I am interested in Personalized Promotional Gifts & Products but don't have the time to sift through all this!

You're not alone!  Our mantra here at Quality Promos Plus is professional service.   Whereas other companies continue to gravitate to a 'point - click - buy' approach to ordering off the net, we recognize that purchasing personalized promotional gifts & products requires something more.   We love to talk to our customers and you are welcome to call us anytime for help selecting and ordering the perfect personalized promotional gift or product!  Call us today at 616.957.1455!

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Standard Promo Items & Promotional Gifts Catalog

Our standard catalog contains thousands of promotional product and personalized gift ideas.  Here you will find a great assortment of pens, keychains, planners, novelty items, etc.  This is only a small portion of what we can get and offer.  If you don't find exactly what you are looking, please contact us and we can most likely find it!

This is very large PDF catalog and will take a minute or so to download. It is also recommended that this catalog be saved to your desktop where you can then view it with an Acrobat Compatible Reader. In this manner you can then make use of the catalog section bookmarks for easier navigation than with a web browser. You can do this immediately by Right Clicking on the link above and selecting Save Link As ...

Standard Apparel & Accessories Catalog

This is our primary catalog for top quality apparel items.  All apparel items may be purchased with or without embellishment by contacting us.